Scolmore has added a brand new product finder tool to their website to make it easier and quicker for electricians, wholesalers and customers to search and find products from across the Scolmore range.

Users select the range they are interested in – i.e wiring accessories, lighting, Click Smart – and can then browse through each category easily. They can specify details in their search like finish, product type and brand, making it easy to locate the exact product required and add it to their basket.

For the electrician, it allows them to create a basket which can then be exported as a CSV file to send to their wholesaler for a quote or a purchase. The electrician can also direct their own customers to the site so they can browse the products and create a wish list of items they will need for a particular project. Once the customer has finished adding to their basket they can generate a PDF file of their list and send to their electrician.

Every product listed under Product finder has a downloadable specification sheet which includes the product code, description, a product image and full technical details.

Comments Marie Parry, Scolmore group marketing director: “The aim of the new product finder is to make it as quick and simple as possible for customers to search for the products they are looking for and then facilitate the next stage of the process – which may be sending a CSV file to the wholesaler to make a purchase, or simply to act as a wish list of products for electricians working with their clients on a project. For the electrician time spent on lengthy and convoluted product searches means less time on the job where they are earning their living and our aim is to simplify the process with this new online tool.”

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