• smart lighting catalogue image from KSR Lighting's 10th Edition Catalogue 2019

Now the clocks have gone back the days have become shorter and the nights longer. Improving the quality and performance of the lighting in and around your home can help you cope with the darker days and will bring style, warmth and security to winter nights.

For the winter season we’ve brought together key lighting ranges from across our wholesale lighting collection. We supply outdoor, decorative, security and smart lighting that are manufactured with high performance LEDs and offer a choice of style and finish to suit the installation.

Whether you need secuity flood-lighting for your backyard, wall-mounted lighting for passageways, decorative lighting for your garden, or practical lighting for driveways, our lighting ranges offer you plenty of choice for your outdoor spaces.

Lighting Brands Available

We work with leading lighting manufacturers to offer a broad range of wholesale lighting. In this article you will be able to download their latest 2019 lighting catalogues to browse all products in their ranges.

Outdoor Decorative Lighting

Our range of outdoor decorative lighting features products from market leading manufacturers like KSR Lighting, Ansell and JCC Lighting. We offer a varied range of performance lighting with decorative finishes and styles that will suit almost any requirement for your outdoor lighting.

KSR Lighting – Exterior Lighting Range 2019

We stock and supply an extensive range of exterior lighting from KSR’s latest 10th Edition Catalogue. This is a varied collection of lighting fixtures that offers choice in style, finish and performance. You can choose from bulkhead fittings, wall lighting, lanterns, bollards and recessed lighting.

Each are available in varying styles and finishes like anthracite, rust or bronze, and manufactured with durable cast-aluminium, stainless steel or polycarbonate. KSR’s lighting collection has the versatility to cover lighting needs for driveways, passageways, gardens, decking and paved areas.

JCC Lighting – Architectural Exterior Lighting

JCC Lighting’s current range of lighting includes their contemporary lighting collection, Architectural Exterior. Architectural Exterior lighting is designed to be consistent in style, finish and performance. All lighting in this range has a colour temperature of 3000K and is designed to look impressive and complimentary to buildings and outdoor spaces.

Across the range you’ll find downlighting, wall lighting, linear lighting, spotlights and bollard lighting, with all products engineered with the same die-cast aluminium and finished with high-quality anthracite to ensure weatherability.

Ansell Lighting – Amenity Exterior Lighting Range

Ansell Lighting’s 2019 collection of Amenity Lighting is another contemporary range of exterior lighting that offers choice on performance, style and finish. The range provides ligthing solutions for all over your house, including garden, decking and driveway areas.

Fixtures include recessed wall lighting, bollards, lanterns (fixed & portable), inground lighting, and bulkheads. Ansell also manufacture ‘feature landscape illumination’ lighting designed to compliment buildings and garden features with cool-white lighting. View this specfic range on page 341 of their lighting catalogue.

Ansell Lighting Amenity Lighting Catalogue

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is an emerging lighting technology designed to give home owners moreĀ  control over the output, scheduling and energy efficiency of their lighting. Smart lighting can commonly be controlled from an app where users can remotely control lighting from their smart phone or tablet, as well as integrate their lighting into a broader network of domestic appliances known as the ‘smart home’.

smart lighting catalogue image from KSR Lighting's 10th Edition Catalogue 2019

KSR WiZ Connected (Left-Right): KSR’s smart lighting range, WiZ Connected, allows users to control their lighting in different rooms of their house.

KSR Lighting’s range of smart lighting is a collaborative project with American lighting controls company WiZ. The main feature of the range is a WiZ app that is downloadable from the App Store and Google Play and can be used to control and schedule KSR products.

WiZ Connected features a range of lighting fixtures that can be controlled with a smartphone or voice controlled speaker. The app allows the user to control the colour temperature and output of KSR lighting products in any room of the house. This helps to create and set moods variably in lounges or bedrooms and to improve the efficiencies of home lighting overall.

Make Your Home A Smart Home

Click Smart is the smart lighting range from Scolmore that makes it easier than ever to upgrade existing wiring installations with smart home features. This means that as a homeowner you will have ‘complete control and regulation of your lighting’, improving the overall energy efficiency of your home and reducing your carbon footprint.

Scolmore recently introduced a new cloud function which allows users to control and schedule their home lighting from anywhere in the world with access to WiFi or mobile data. Click Smart is an easy and affordable way to adapt your home with smart features. See how you can make your home smarter with the Click Smart Catalogue.