Marco Fire Safety

Marco has tested its Steel Wire Cable Tray systems to the German standard DIN4102-12 to an E90 rating which measures how electrical containment systems perform in the event of a fire, ensuring the Marco system makes the safest grade. Whilst there are currently no British or European standards to test to, Marco is embracing the German standard to ensure their containment system is safeguarded if an emergency arises.

The Marco steel wire cable tray system has been tested to the 90 minute Fire survival time (E90) in a furnace at temperatures up to 1000°C. In carrying out these tests, Marco can guarantee its systems are able to house essential fire rated cables for a 90-minute period in the event of a fire.
Grahame Austin, Operations Manager of Marco commented: “It’s really important that our products are tested to meet the highest standards and whilst the E90 is a non UK standard, we are keen to embrace it and ensure we meet these strict guidelines.”

Marco’s steel wire cable tray was sent to the Institute of Building Materials at the Technical University in
Braunschweig, Germany (IBMB), where testing was carried out.

Marco E90
Marco E90