Looking back at the early days of electricity in Britain, or electrification as it was called, it is incredible to think how far the humble socket has come and how its role in our homes is evolving.

The simple socket began as a luxury utility which has since become a necessity to homes across Britain. It began with major cities or manufacturing hubs, such as London, Birmingham and Manchester, building their own power stations to support their region’s manufacturing. With the factories and plants churning out goods and generating wealth, it allowed electricity to evolve from a domestic luxury into a necessity for workers.

Each power plant would develop their own plugs and sockets and were not hampered by rules and regulations of governments of governing bodies. If it worked and served its purpose then it was good enough. And it wouldn’t be until 1934 that British sockets would become unified under one standardised system.

British General (BG) see the role of the domestic socket adapting to the latest technological revolution which is changing household. A few decades ago, the idea of one family sharing a computer was an optimistic thought for computer manufacturers. Now, everyone has a computer in their pocket.

It is not until the advent of computers, the internet and mobile technology we would see the average household change as much since the introduction of electricity. Through computers and mobile devices, people have more access to information and are more connected than they have ever been. With Wi-Fi becoming as valuable a necessity as electricity for everyday life and business, it has been called a human right by six nations with others debating the issue.

Seeing both these changes in British households and trends in technology, BG sought to develop and produce a product which was tailored for a family’s vital appliances whilst helping keep them connected.

‘We are proud to have played our small part in the history and evolution of the socket.’

British General Electrical

BG Wi-Fi Extender LEW

BG Wi-Fi Socket Range Extender is the first of its kind.

The BG Wi-Fi Socket is designed to eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots in a property and produce a strong wireless connection. The device can extend a Wi-Fi router’s range by 3000Mbps or up to 30 metres. Easily integrating into everyday wireless routers, it is simple to both fit and use, repeating your signal strength to help everyone stay connected no mater where they are.

The range is designed for a quick and easy retrofitting. It is manufactured to fit into a standard 25mm wall box and allows easy installation and replacement of an existing socket.

The graphic to the left shows how the socket is fitted within range of the Wi-Fi router and extends the signal beyond the capacity of the router.

Wi-Fi Socket
Wi-Fi Socket
Wi-Fi Socket
Wi-Fi Socket
Wi-Fi Socket