Inventing product solutions that will help electricians carry out installation projects more quickly and efficiently is what drives Scolmore’s new product development programme and the latest additions to the Click Flow Connector range are no exception.

The new 20A 3 and 4 Pole Fast Fit Flow Connectors feature push-in, low maintenance terminals to offer a time-saving benefit for the installer, with no screws required. In a speed test carried out by Scolmore, the installation times were compared for their new fast fit connectors, versus the equivalent screw terminal version and typically the fast-fit versions were completed in around half the time.

The new product launch comes after the results of a recent survey carried out among more than 400 electricians revealed that 33% prefer lever type wiring connectors and that over 50% would be willing to pay a premium for a fast-fit connection method.

The new range will be compatible with all current Click Flow products – connectors, splitters, distribution boxes and ceiling rose.

Click Flow Connectors

Allowing installers to safely connect/disconnect luminaires or appliances in areas that require quick installation and regular maintenance, the new fast-fit connectors will be suitable for a range of applications including education and training facilities, offices and conference rooms, healthcare environments and hotels.

The new connectors are packaged in outer boxes containing 200 pieces in total, split into 4 inner boxes each containing 50 pieces – all individually stacked. Since it introduced its first Flow Connector in 2007, Scolmore has continually developed the category to offer a comprehensive range of products that offer simple and safe connectivity and control across a broad spectrum of lighting project requirements.

With the emphasis now on flexibility and ease of installation, many building design projects are focusing on products and services that can adapt to changing legislation, energy efficiency requirements and the needs of the client.

Scolmore’s Flow Connector range makes the wiring of a lighting circuit easy, using a combination of connectors, hubs and management boxes. The unique design of the Click Flow Connector products prevents the possibility of incorrect polarity connection, which is a problem with other similar products that are making their way into the market.