Collective Representation & Purchasing Power

LEW joined the buying consortium AWEBB in 2000, one of the largest independent purchasing groups of its kind in the UK. It provides its members with collective representation and purchasing power so they can take advantage of bulk pricing and manufacturer agreements to remain competitive with larger wholesale organisations. AWEBB allows businesses like LEW to maintain their core values, practices and services as an independent wholesaler whilst operating with the purchasing power and branch network of a national business.

AWEBB’s Vision

AWEBB has over 70 members with 200 branches throughout the UK and Ireland. Many of their original members still operate as part of the buying group after 35 years of business. By 2025, AWEBB’s vision is to to be the leading electrical purchasing consortium in the UK, providing unrivalled support and performance with a reputation for industry-leading networking and innovation opportunities.

Strengthened Industry Relationships

The primary function of AWEBB is the collective representation of its members to maintain and develop a strong market position within the UK’s electro-technical sector from which they can operate from. Increased purchasing power means members can remain competitive on leading brands and their strengthened relationships with key supplier partners allows for a more complete wholesale service for the end customer.

ElectraCentre Distribution

ElectraCentre Distribution is an exclusive AWEBB benefit that gives all members access to an additional 100,000 sq. ft of storage space and an extra £600,000 stock value through a central distribution centre that supports branches with extra stock-holdings and reduced delivery times.

In addition, the ElectraCentre national framework of AWEBB branches gives customers access to over 200 branches throughout the UK, ensuring that our customers have the easiest access to our products no matter where or when they work. This allows our customers who regularly work away to purchase goods from any ElectraCentre branch in the UK and be invoiced through their LEW account. You can use the branch locator to find an ElectraCentre  near your work location.

International Distributors of Electrical Equipment

AWEBB is part of the International Distributors of Electrical Equipment (IDEE), a European buying consortium dedicated to the support and growth of its members through collective representation on an international scale. The IDEE is present in over 90% of European markets with further connections in North American markets like Canada. The IDEE provides access to consumer, business and market intelligence from Germany, France and other European markets that gives valuable insights into emerging markets and digital innovations from around the world.