Electric Underfloor heating has long been considered a luxury in your home, but we are at LEW we want to show you how important it can be, and if this suits your lifestyle. These are ideal for anyone who is renovating their home or just want to add that warmth to their feet on the cold winter mornings. We appreciate several of you are currently working from home, whilst in lockdown so it could be considered for a room where you are currently working in.


  • Easier to have installed than you think.
  • Doesn’t take up any space in your house in the same way radiators do so you can move furniture around without worrying about blocking radiators.
  • Operates silently.
  • Doesn’t circulate dust and allergens in the same way traditional radiators do.
  • Even distribution of heat throughout the room- Radiators tend to target their heat on one specific spot.

Most people have this installed in their bathrooms or kitchens but you can install this in a variety of rooms in the house. This can even be put underneath concrete or your driveway.

For key workers who need to be up at all hours during this time, we also want to talk about underfloor heating for your driveways, making it easier to get away on those cold frosty mornings and evenings.

These can also be used for businesses to keep car parks and driveways safe for staff and their customers alike. This also can help with any health and safety requirements that your business has.

Here at LEW, we work with Heatmat, one of the UK’s leading names in underfloor heating products and solutions.

Ask a member of the team in our branches for more information about ordering any underfloor heating.