Over the years, Electric heaters have grown in popularity. Traditionally homeowners have used central gas heating for their home, but with improvements in technology and design from manufacturers, electric heating is seeing a resurgence.

Electric heaters have become a more energy efficient choice for homeowners and require far less maintenance.


  • Durability– Whilst gas boilers are cheaper to run, they don’t have the durability that electric heaters have. Electric heaters don’t need a yearly service or need expensive parts to repair in the same way that gas boilers do.
  • Technology– Electric heaters are increasing in capability and decreasing in price making this a great long term investment.
  • Safety– Electric heaters do not burn emissions to generate heat, therefore eliminating the risk of carbon monoxide leaks. With no pipe work needed around the house, this eliminates the risk of house damage from leaking pipes.
  • Environmentally friendly– Electric heaters are more energy efficient than gas, and emit less harmful carbon emissions.
  • Value– The initial running costs of gas heating is cheaper to run on a daily basis, installation costs are much cheaper, has no maintenance costs and lasts for up to 50% longer. In terms of value for money, you may be better off using electric heaters rather than gas as in the longer term you will save money.
  • Connectivity– The more modern and stylish models you can even control your heating by connecting to your smart devices. This is highly convenient and has shown people this can cut your heating bills by up to 30%. In fact, some manufacturers such as Rointe actually incorporate WIFI within their products so there’s no need to buy additional parts like you would for gas boilers.

Here at LEW we stock many different brands of heating products from trusted manufacturers such as Atlantic, Farho, Rointe with heating controls to Dimplex heaters where you can put these in workshops or greenhouses, for any lockdown hobbies you want to take part in!

Make sure you visit one of our branches and ask about ordering any heating products for anyone working from home, if you’re on furlough or just want your home to be warm and cosy!