The next installment of Local Business Week is Van security! 

We realise how important your van is to the running of your business. If it gets broken into, it can be extremely time consuming. This affects your customers in return! 

We get it, but here at LEW we want to offer some handy tips to make sure you protect your crucial asset. 

  1. Prioritise security when choosing your van. Yes it’s important to have flashy spec, but make sure it comes with a high standard of alarm. 
  2. Modify the van to your needs- you may be able to install a lockable tool kit and a steering lock with pedal box protector which may make it harder for a thief to steal. 
  3. Invest in greater van security. Most vans come fitted with an immobiliser as standard. If you want greater protection, you can look into a vehicle tracking device. 
  4. Protect your Catalytic Convertor- These are extremely valuable to thieves, so it’s well worth speaking to specialists who offer specific protection.  
  5. It might sound basic, but by simply putting your business details on your van, your van stands out against potential thieves and harder to make a clean getaway.

These tips might sound basic, and hopefully you’re doing all of these but it’s good to remind ourselves how important it is to keep our vans safe from thieves. 

Make sure you keep an eye on our National Home Security Month in October for more ideas on keeping property safe, including the latest innovations and products.