It doesn’t feel like it’s been 2 minutes since we were talking about National Home Security Month. Here we are though, back again! Now the nights are starting to draw in, it’s time for us to speak to you about making sure your home is fully equipped to tackle any potential intruders during the dark winter evenings! 

We’re going to be speaking to you a lot about different products including the latest CCTV technology, lighting to make sure your home is well lit (on the outside that is!), and how the latest in Smart Technology gives you the peace of mind if you’re out and about at a Bonfire Display. 

We’ve got some myths to bust as well, our product range is not as hard on the wallet as you think, and more importantly they’re reliable brand names! Trusted and stylish. We know our stuff as we know how much your property means to you! 

In the meantime, we’ve got some stats for you. Some may surprise you: 


  • Burglaries go up by 25% once the clocks go back in Autumn. 
  • Only 30% of UK homes are fitted with a Smart Alarm. 
  • Homes with CCTV are 5 times less likely to be burgled 
  • 33% of homes now own at least one app controlled CCTV 
  • Bonfire Night can see burglary claims rise by 42% over an ordinary autumn night. 


Keep an eye on our news pages over the next few weeks as we look in more detail at what you can do and what products will help you protect your home!