It’s National Home Security Month here at LEW! We want to make sure that everyone is all ready for the darker months, by shining a light on how we protect our commercial properties and homes. Burglaries go up by 25% once the clocks go back in Autumn, so getting the right lighting for you can prevent you being blindsided.

We want to provide homeowners peace of mind, during these changing times, that businesses and homes can be secure. We realise offices are going to have fewer workers over the winter months with increased home working. We want to make sure that your business is secure and safe during this time. We’re aware some homeowners who are currently working from home want to feel safe and secure while working wherever you are in your home!

5 key advantages of installing Spotlights

  • Save money on those energy bills- Some models can save up to 90% energy compared with Halogen bulbs, especially with motion detector style lighting which you only use the lights when someone goes by.
  • Motion detectors only light up when someone passes meaning that your home or premises will not have clear entry points on view if your lights were on at the same time. This also helps any environmental impact your property may have.
  • Enhanced lighting can help avoid those trip hazards. Having motion detector outdoor lighting can make homeowners and business owners feel more comfortable venturing outside after dark.
  • Connectability- You can now connect your mobile phones and Google devices to your indoor lighting systems. This means you can have direct control over your lighting by setting timers and programmes to reflect the changing seasons.

We stock a variety of lighting including JCC and much more. For more information please speak to one of the members of our branch