We’re looking back on 2018 to see what numbers defined our year…

345,150 metres of trunking sold

…that’s the distance between Holyhead and Cardiff!

2018 Year in Numbers!
Circuit LED Panels

11,643 LED panels sold

…end to end that is enough LED panels to go round Silverstone!

                                                                                   118,238 downlights sold

…that’s enough to fill Ethiad Stadium twice over!

2018 Year In Numbers!

7,845,436 metres of cable sold

…converted that is 4883 miles worth of cable, the distance from Gainsborough to Texas, USA!

2018 In Numbers

£4079 raised for the Electrical Industries Charity

…that you for all your support with our fundraisers throughout the year!

209,593 switched sockets sold

…laid out end to end is enough to complete two laps of the Le Mans Circuit!

2018 Year In Numbers!
2018 In Numbers

25 years since the first branch opened

…Jurassic Park was released, Bill Clinton became President & Harry Kane was born in 1993!

135.452 miles per hour

…Peter Hickman’s record breaking speed at the Isle of Man TT!