ESP’s new MAGDUO Two-Wire Fire Alarm System means easier, faster installations and signifcant cost savings. Neil Baldwin, Managing Director of ESP, takes a look at the new range and how its into the company’s growing fire protection collection.

As one of the industry’s leading suppliers of security and fire protection solutions, ESP is committed to developing new and improved products that not only bring the latest technologies to market, but are designed to offer speed, flexibility and cost efficiency to installers working across a range of projects.

The launch of the MAGDUO Two-Wire Fire Alarm System adds a totally new collection of products to the company’s growing MAGfire Fire Protection range. MAGDUO will sit alongside the existing MAG Conventional Fire Alarm products and the MAGPRO Addressable range – fulfilling the increasing demand from customers for this latest technology.

Fire alarm systems are broadly divided into two main groupings – “conventional” fire alarm systems and analogue addressable “intelligent” systems – with each type best suited to different kinds of premises. Conventional, or four-wire, fire alarm systems are used in smaller properties such as shops and restaurants. They work by dividing the building into a number of detection zones, with the detectors and call points within each zone hardwired on dedicated two-core cable to the control panel. There may be multiple detectors on a single zone.

A separate two-core, fire-protected cable for the alarm’s sounders is required as they are wired on different circuits. If a detector is activated, the control panel identifies the circuit that contains the triggered device and so indicates the zone from which the fire alarm has originated, but the area then has to be manually searched to pinpoint the individual device.

Addressable or “intelligent” fire alarm systems are designed for large commercial premises and more complex networked systems. They are much more expensive and more complicated than conventional four-wire systems, having increased flexibility, intelligence, speed of identification, and scope of control.

“The MAGDUO Two-Wire Fire Alarm System is aimed at small to medium contractors, offering them a highly flexible and adaptable system that will save time and money on the installation processes.”

In addressable systems, different types of initiating devices are wired in one or more single loops around the premises, requiring less cabling than conventional systems, with each detector or call point having its own unique address. The fire control panel receives information and status reports from each device and indicates its exact location if there is a fault, contamination or activation via smoke or heat detection.

Because analogue addressable fire alarm systems offer a greater degree of flexibility, intelligence, speed of identification and the extent of control, they are the preferred option for specifiers and contractors working on bigger and more intricate projects as they overcome the limitations of conventional fire alarm systems.

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