In the wake of the Grenfell tragedy, fire safety in social housing is a serious topic at the minute, as is the decisions made by landlords and housing providers to ensure the safety of their tenants with fire alarms, smoke detectors and other means of fire safety. Even though housing providers can ensure the fire safety of a social property with repeat inspections, it’s difficult to monitor the safety of a house 24/7 without disrupting the tenant on a daily basis.

Aico’s solution to ensure tenant safety at all times is to utilise brand-new IoT technology and next generation wireless technology that enables real-time alarm monitoring via an online, cloud based SmartLINK portal system.

Aico’s new Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway introduces new technology to the social housing market to help landlords with fire safety and compliance. This is a first in asset management and fire-safety compliance that offers full system visibility and remote monitoring of Aico Fire and Carbon Monoxide alarms.

Registered social landlords will have access to real time data and insights into the status and performance of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms installed across their properties.

Built-in GSM data connection and the Radio Frequency (RF) technology of their 3000 Series Alarms can be found in the Ei1000G to ensure events can be recorded and documented in real-time. Ei1000G utilises mobile communications infrastructure to report on alarm activation and alarm removals in real-time to an internet application used by the landlord.

Real-time Data Collection

By using in-built GSM data connection and RF interconnection to interface the SmartLINK Gateway to a series of Aico alarms means easy installations time for the installer and an assured, reliable connection for the landlord. This means full visibility of connected RF systems, including older RadioLINK+ systems.

The SmartLINK gateway aims to dramatically improve the fire safety of social housing in general, and will help improve efficiency, reduce costs and support maintenance and asset management for social housing providers.

Real-time data through wireless communications will almost eliminate the risk of not being able to enter a property to perform manual checks, helping the landlord further guarantee the safety of their tenant without disrupting them with maintenance.

Using the online interface available on desktop and mobile, landlords are given an overview of all fire alarms and smoke detectors operating across their properties. They are able to track alarm performance in real-time, document any events like alarm removals, and better forecast maintenance checks by prioritising issues across the system.

Find out more on the latest Aico technology for fire safety and compliance for social housing at, or you can visit your local LEW branch and contact us about our Aico ranges.

Aico Ei1000G SmartLINK desktop and mobile application with module out of the box