This week is Smart Home Week and here at LEW we want to show you all the exciting things that can be done throughout your home.

Smart technology has become a major focus in the security business, with new brands and technology to appeal to a wider market who traditionally might have never considered security systems before. Attracted by modern and easy to use products and also compatible with devices and systems they already own such as smartphones and smart speakers.
Easy to install smart device cameras and doorbells allow users to see who is at the property anywhere in the world over an internet connection. Users can also respond via two way audio on some models and receive phone notifications of activity.


You can control everything from your lighting, heating, and other elements from home. 

You can be confident that your home is fully protected as you can see what is going on at your home at any time and be alerted if anything does happen. 

By installing smart products you will cut down on the bills as you’ll be able to control the heating as and when you need to.

Lighting can also benefit from smart technology. This can be as advanced as upgrading circuits and wiring accessories, or simply swapping to lamps with smart capabilities built in, such as Wiz from KSR. 

LEW offers a range of smart home technology which have benefits in helping to secure properties.

You can order a number of smart products to protect and enhance your property at your local LEW branch, such as Google Nest, ESP and Click Smart. 

Please visit for more tips on developing Smart technology in your home.