Hate to say it, but Winter is most definitely here. It only feels two minutes since we were enjoying a beer in our gardens dreaming of an England victory in the Euros! Heating season is very much upon us now! We want to provide heating solutions for homeowners across the UK. 

The clocks are going back Saturday night and the dark nights are very much upon us! Well enough negativity, here at LEW we’re trying to do something about that.

We are launching our ‘Winter Warmers’ campaign to make sure you keep warm.

With hybrid working on the increase, this means higher energy bills for homeowners. Here at LEW we provide many heating solutions that are cost effective if you’re working from home. You may want your living space to feel more homely.


Benefits of using Electric Heating in your home


  • Lower up front costs when renovating your home. You can build faster without the need for pipework. No pipework also means less chance of overheating and the risk of leaks. 
  • No annual boiler servicing. This means no additional costs and gives you peace of mind that your heaters will last. As part of this, there is very little servicing or maintenance that is required. 
  • Electric Heating is clean and respectful to the environment with no polluting gases. 
  • It’s much easier to add connectivity to your electric heater. In fact a connectable heating solution an help cut annual heating bills by up to 30%. 
  • The evolution of electric heaters has made homes look more stylish and attractive. They are a viable economic alternative to gas central heating. 
Dimplex heater

Dimplex’s product range are ideal for keeping your home warm, in a cost effective way.


LEW work with reliable brands such as Rointe, Manrose and Dimplex. Ask a member of the team in your local branch about specific heating products.

Check out Rointe’s video on the benefits of getting Electric Heaters in your home:

Keep an eye on our blog pages to find out which products you can order from your LEW branch. Please see the branch locator for your nearest branch.