It’s Electrical Fire Safety Week  this week running from 22nd to 28th November.

Over half of all accidental house fires are caused by electricity. Nine out of ten electrical fires are caused by electrical products.

Electrical safety is all about being aware of the potential dangers around the home, and knowing what to look out for, avoid and change. Thousands of injuries every year are caused by domestic electrical accidents. We want to make sure your home is safe. 

Here at LEW, we’re supporting Electrical Fire Safety Week by giving you some top tips on protecting your home, and passing this expertise onto your customers. 

Top tips for keeping your home safer

  • Look out for damaged electrical cables – All power cables and extension leads should be checked regularly, and repaired or replaced as required. As a rule of thumb, don’t run cables under rugs and furniture, as they can cause a trip hazard, overheat or get crushed and damaged. 
  • Don’t overload sockets – Overloading plug sockets is a common cause of electrical fires. Always make sure the sockets are cool to the touch. Only plug one heat-producing appliance into a multi-way socket at a time. 
  • Keep electrical devices away from water – As we know, water and electricity together is a deadly combination. To follow electrical safety rules, keep all electrical equipment well away from water. There’s a high risk of electrocution if you use an electrical appliance with damp hands. Always unplug your kettle before filling it!
  • Keep unused cables tidy and secure – Electrical safety doesn’t only apply when cables are in use. Make sure they’re stored away safely when you’re not using them. It’s best not to wrap cables around objects (like your laptop plug), as it can stretch them, and cause overheating. And never put an electricity cable on a hot surface, as it can damage the insulation and wiring inside.  
  • Be safe with heaters – It might sound like common sense, but keep combustible items away from heaters. Portable heaters shouldn’t be used near curtains, and should always be on a level, stable surface.

These may seem like simple or basic steps, but they are important reminders on how to keep your home safe. We realise life gets busy and sometimes it’s hard to remember to take the necessary safety steps when it comes to your electrical appliances. Hopefully these steps will help refresh your memory.  To join in the conversation about Electrical Fire Safety Week, please follow the hashtag #EFSW to find out and suggest tips, on our social media channels.

Ask in branch about any new products that might your home become safer!