Here is your next instalment of Local Business Week. We realise that sometimes promoting your business can be hard. Luckily in our industry, Word of mouth is a very powerful tool. 73% of consumers trust local businesses more after reading positive comments online. That’s why we want to help you promote your business. Last year, Chris Barnard at Feedback Fans wrote about how data can maximise your business.
This can be done through a variety of methods. Speaking to your ‘mate down the pub’ is a good one. But times are changing. Our habits are changing. We use regular trusted review websites such as Trustpilot and Google reviews. These always give an insight into whether your brand is trustworthy or not.
Here’s some advice on reviews:
  • Always respond to negative reviews. Offer a resolution. Customers understand issues happen, they want to see how you’re going to resolve it.
  • Encourage happy customers to go online to leave you reviews. You can also be reviewed on your Facebook page.
  • You can set up a referral scheme by offering a discount to someone suggesting your business.
Social Media
85% of tradespeople said in a recent survey that they didn’t understand how to use social media. With the influence that social media has, it’s important to have a presence.
During Local Business Week, we’re giving you some handy tips on how to manage your social media accounts. Many big businesses have whole departments dedicated to running social media accounts. Now we’re not expecting you to employ social media experts tomorrow! There are some ways you can create leads by having a presence on social media sites. Even Tiktok is considered by some businesses. Don’t worry, we’re not going to ask you to create something flashy like this just yet!
  • Make sure you post regularly. In a crowded market, your business will stand out more as a trusted brand.
  • Take pictures of your work to show off, with the customers permission of course! This will help build up the confidence. It will also give customers a more realistic image of the quality of work you produce. Genuine case studies and success stories will be great for your online reputation.
  • Make sure you ‘problem solve’. This can be responding to comments promptly. You could also produce content which solves problems for your customers so in turn you become the expert and go-to person for advice.
And if all else fails, add some humour. The ‘On the Tools’ Twitter page will bring a smile to your face if anything!
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