How can I improve my home security?

Are you looking to improve the security of your home or property? There is a wide variety of security options available to you as a homeowner or landlord. From all-in-one security systems that offer surveillance, alarms or lighting in one user-friendly product, to more comprehensive systems that are extensible with add-on pieces of kit to adapt to any property size or owner requirement.

Have you thought about installing door security systems? Do you know what products to use to extend the capabilities of your home burglar alarm? Answer these questions with our home security system product guide and become a professional on your own home security.


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Home Security Cameras & CCTV Systems

Should I install CCTV system in my home? CCTV has become increasingly common in domestic properties in recent years and has always been a common security feature of residential and commercial properties. This increase has been largely down to the fall in price of CCTV, its availability on the market, and, more simply, because they have become much easier to use and install.

When purchasing CCTV for your home it is important to consider the variations in ranges and models. Consider where you will be positioning your CCTV, how it will be monitored, how it will be powered, and what key user-features you will need.

ESP 4 Channel HD CCTV System

4 2MP cameras available with multiple hard drive, recording and playback options. Full 1080p HD recording from 4 bullet or dome cameras.

ESP 2 Channel HD 500GB CCTV System

2 2MP cameras available with 500GB hard drive and recording, monitoring and playback options. Full 1080p HD recording from 2 bullet or dome cameras.

ESP 4 Channel HD Wire Free CCTV System

Wire Free 4 MP CCTV kit with 150 meter fire free capabilities. Remote cloud monitoring features with recording, monitoring and playback options.

All-In-One CCTV

The GuardCam range from ESP combines CCTV, security lighting, and an alarm in one smart device. User friendly with app controlled features and programmable settings for each security feature.

Learn more about the GuardCam range.


Indoor CCTV

The NEST Cam Indoor Security Camera features an ergonomic design to fit in with the interior design of your house. It is simple to use and programmable with smart-tech features.

Vandal Resistant Systems

ESP’s VANCAM range of vandal resistant CCTV provides high quality surveillance from a vandal, tamper and weather proof system. Supplied with a vandal resistant casing rated IP55.

View product specifications

CCTV Camera Accessories

CCTV are extensible to provide increased surveillance and a better user experience if required. When purchasing CCTV you can choose from multi-channel kits with a variety of camera types, with the options for remote monitoring from an app or hard wired with a DVR player and a high resolution monitor.


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Security Lighting

Did you know that burglaries spike by a third when the clocks go back? Installing outdoor security lighting aroud your home will help deter thieves away from your property and make your home feel more safe and secure. Security lighting can be installed in any area of your property: on your drive, in an alleyway, in your garden, on a shed or in greenhouse, or in a woodland if you have one.

Outdoor Security Lighting

There is a choice of security lighting available to you. You can choose from motion sensor lighting, which will only come on when movement is detected in a defined space, or floodlighting, which is designed to illuminate a large area. You can then choose between traditional halogen lighting, LED or solar-powerd lighting.



Floodlighting is high output lighting that is designed to illumibate a large area like a backyard or garden. Ask about our range of floodlighting from leading brands likes Ansell, Luceco, Osram, JCC, KSR and other manufactuers with the choice of finish and colour temperature to suit your outdoor space.