In changes to government guidance and legislation, alongside our priority to keep our teams and customers safe. We are asking all customers to wear a face covering when visiting any LEW sales counter.

Our branches have been open during the lockdown and been offering a COVID secure service. We have adapted sales counter layouts, limited the number of customers inside at any one time, installed perspex screens and offer hand santiser at store entrances.

We have also introduced  new services to help customers get access to goods safely and quickly by implementing collection points at every branch outside. We have also increased capacity for our convenient Call & Collect service. You can see changes we have made at branches in this video.


As we continue to adapt to changes, the government has made wearing face coverings in England mandatory for the following settings; public transport, shops and supermarkets.

‘In the context of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, a face covering is something which safely covers the nose and mouth. You can buy reusable or single-use face coverings. You may also use a scarf, bandana, religious garment or hand-made cloth covering but these must securely fit round the side of the face.’ Guidance Face coverings: when to wear one and how to make your own –

We will be making it a requirement for all customers to wear a face covering when visit any LEW branch sales counter and indoor areas from Friday 24th July.

No covering? Use our Call & Collect service.

If you do not have a mask or covering handy or are still choosing to reduce contact, you can use our Call & Collect service instead. Here is how it works.

1. Order your goods. Call the branch ahead or when you arrive.
2. When you arrive to collect, let us know you are here by calling us.
3. We will then bring your goods out to a collection point.
4. When we are finished, we will let you know and then you can collect and check your goods, all contact free.

Do not enter the indoor sales counter or branch if you do not have a face covering.

If you have any questions or problems you can always call the branch for help.

Masks and Shields – available at LEW

If you need to get you and your team ready for the change, LEW stocks a selection of face masks in branch which meet the requirements needed for the new changes. These include FFP2 masks. 3 Ply Medical Grade masks. And reusable face shield/visors. This is part of the extended PPE range now available at LEW. You can read more and discover the benefits of using PPE on our Electricals Guide to PPE.

If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact your local branch team.